Rafael is a professional who works with the highest standards focusing on obtaining the best results on innovative projects in diverse industries such as automotive, aerospace and IT among others in the state of Sonora. His knowledge in these areas has a strong influence leading to concrete results.

Ignacio Escalante

Rafael provided leadership, strategic support and a lot of creative vision for an extensive, international faculty development project on collaborative learning between the Technologico de Monterrey and the University of British Columbia. He attended to the details of providing programming to multiple university sites while helping the entire team to work effectively and with focus in a complex, intercultural context.

Jeff Miller

Rafael and I first met a number of years ago when he was at the ITESM and working on developing a case study and analytical methodology for understanding the competitiveness of bi-national (US and Mexico) product operations. I have continued to interact with Rafael on this topic during the subsequent years. He has made many excellent contributions to thinking about the opportunities – for both the creation of high-value jobs and business growth – which can result from developing innovative trans-national collaborations. I very much respect and highly recommend him as a colleague.

Wendy Vittori

Tengo el gusto de conocer y el honor de haber trabajado con Rafael desde hace más de 30 años. Lo recomiendo ampliamente tanto como una excelente persona así como un excelente profesional. Se caracteriza por su honorabilidad, su profesionalismo, su capacidad intelectual, de innovación y creatividad. Siempre ha destacado su espíritu de superación y desarrollo.

Juan Manuel Durán Gutiérrez

Rafael es una persona orientada al logro de objetivos y con ideas creativas, constructivas e innovadoras para enfrentar los retos que se le presentan. Aporta una gran seguridad y confianza el trabajar con él.

Alejandro Chantiri Zamudio